What Is The Space Cadet Program?

Imagine if Gene Roddenberry asked you, personally, to help him build the monolith that is the modern Star Trek phenomena? What if George Lucas, J. Michael Straczynski, Isaac Asimov, or Ray Bradbury did the same?  Could you imagine how exciting it would have been to participate in the birth of a franchise that continues to inspire millions throughout the world?

Now, you won’t have to imagine. You have the opportunity to be there from the beginning! To be a part of The Next Great Sci-Fi Epic – Space Command!

The creator of Space Command has just unveiled his newest addition to the Space Command universe – the Space Cadet Program!

By joining the Space Cadet Program you will become one of the most vital officers in Space Command by helping to build our Epic from the ground up! You will even enjoy a Rank and Title in Space Command!

Also you’ll be privy to special inside looks into the project, able to earn points toward special rewards and privileges, and be able to communicate with creator Marc Scott Zicree on a semi-monthly webinar!

Become a Space Cadet  and YOU will be part of the team DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for Space Command’s success.

And remember, the most important officer in Space Command is YOU!


20 thoughts on “What Is The Space Cadet Program?

  1. I’d love to join, and see the Space Command Universe continue to grow and fulfill her goals. I really love the Conceptual Artwork.

  2. It’s a very pretty picture, but your message is lost. Please consider talking to someone with a good printing and/or graphics background! He or she would help you avoid the annoying little mistakes, like light grey text on a background with light grey and bright yellow areas. (The busier the background, the more difficult it is to read your page. The harder it is to read, the less people will be inclined to do so.)

  3. wow, what an unreadable site! please review your choice of background images and fonts!! (reading this on a Mac in Chrome btw)

    • The art is without a doubt awesome, I think somehow the text must be blended into it. I dunno Perhaps Clipperships are prepped in an assembly building just like the Space shuttle…that building can supply a margin for the simple short text posts people post perhaps?

  4. One option missing from the form is having heard about the project through Kickstarter. I chose “Member of a Group” instead, since it’s vaguely close. The form could also use a second email line for address confirmation. Lastly, the link to the form doesn’t stand out from the post, because both the link and text are all yellow. If the link were underlined, or colored differently, it would help.

  5. When will the auditions close so and we can be able to vote for the two parts being cast and where can we find the audition videos?

  6. I’m a backer. It’s great to be a part of the team… I just wish I hadn’t missed the deadline for the talent search. Busy trying to buy a house- but that will be its own adventure. 🙂

  7. I wish I could write like you. Your submit Space Cadet Program
    | Become A Part of The Next Great Sci-Fi Epic! has pushed me to
    get off my butt and get some word out to the world. You have boosted my confidence
    just by writing so well.

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