Backers Meeting 11 AM PST Sunday, Ultimate Twilight Zone Reward, Space Cadet Program & More!

Hi, guys,

It’s been a busy few days for SPACE COMMAND – with only TWO WEEKS MORE TO

Lots more media interviews, which we’ll be posting soon, and many other surprises
in the works, but most importantly (drum roll, please…).

We’re holding our BACKERS MEETING Sunday 11 AM Pacific Time at Los Angeles
Valley College, Monarch Hall, room 104, with a LIVE STREAMING FEED – so you can
come in person or log on to see us and ask questions online!

To log on, go to

You can sign up for a stickam account to ask us questions or just ask questions on the Kickstarter SPACE
COMMAND comments section.

Sorry about the short notice – it took this long to get it set up — but we’re planning another SPACE
COMMAND Backers Meeting for next weekend too!

And of course we’re laying out GREAT PLANS for Comic Con – with some live streaming feeds so you
can be part of the AMAZING SPACE COMMAND EVENTS there!

Here’s a notice about Comic Con that uses the terrific SPACE COMMAND patch that Mike Okuda
designed with Doug Drexler…

More great news – I’d been trying to think of a REALLY COOL REWARD to offer you and just came up


This includes a COPY OF THE TWILIGHT ZONE COMPANION, personally inscribed to the
person of your choice!

with the producers, writers and stars of TWILIGHT ZONE while researching the book!

A CD with HUNDREDS OF EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS from TWILIGHT ZONE, most not in the  book!

A Limited Edition Citizen of the Twilight Zone card, with your name, signed and numbered by


PLUS — you get to have a party in your home with your friends,screening a Twilight Zone episode

Wow!  File that under T for Terrific!

You can find this reward on the SPACE COMMAND Kickstarter Page but act FAST, as it will only
be there a short time!

On another front, our intrepid Space Command Team Member E.J. de la Pena has come up
with THE SPACE CADET PROGRAM, a new way you and your friends can be part of SPACE
COMMAND from the very beginning.

This is a very cool volunteer program where fans can help us reach out to different
science fiction groups that they’re members of to spread the word about SPACE
COMMAND.  There are great perks and opportunities, and you can find out all about it at

We also just held our Kickstarter class today, which went splendidly, was a capacity crowd and
gained us many more SPACE COMMAND team members eager to help.  They’ll be reaching out
to Japan, Korea, China, and many other places around the world to spread the word.

Meanwhile, Iain and Diego are busy at work with creature and character designs and motion
tests, Doug Drexler is working his design and special effects magic, and I’m in communication
with our wonderful actors.  More with Rachel Luttrell and Amber Benson coming, with even more
wonderful actors we all love!

So spread the word.  If there’s a group you belong to, or someone you know who will dig this
project and bang the drum, email, blog, tweet, send a letter, make a phone call, ride a horse
through the streets with a trumpet (how the horse got a trumpet, I’ll never know…).

That’s it for now.  And as ever, the most important member of SPACE COMMAND is YOU!

All good thoughts your way,


Huffington Post, Iain, Katharine & I Talk Odara T’Lynn, Plus Incredibly Cool Images

Hi, guys,

Every day on SPACE COMMAND produces more amazing surprises!

First, on the Comic-Con front, Doug Jones (Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy) hasconfirmed he’ll be on our Friday night panel, 8:30-9:30, Room 5AB.

Plus I’m on other panels (check your schedule), we’re planning our Space Command Countdown Party (with live streaming), and we’ve scheduled two SPACE COMMAND signings there with myself, Doug Drexler and Iain McCaig and more of our team!

Beyond this, the Huffington Post just released this great article about us:

As did Mysterious Universe:

And the Priority One Podcast:

With more interviews scheduled every day – including three tomorrow!

Also check out this video we shot of me and Iain McCaig talking with actress Katharine McEwan about her SPACE COMMAND role as Odara T’Lynn, First Officer of the Paladin. It really shows why I so love to collaborate with great actors and designers.

Additionally, we’ve been getting SPECTACULAR artwork from Producer/Production Designer Doug Drexler and his team of Associate Producer Andy Probert and other phenomenal artists. If you haven’t been seeing it, please check out our FaceBook page

here’s a sample: Space Command headquarters…

Interviews, Comic Con, Backers Meeting & More!

Hi, guys,

More busy times at Space Command HQ!

I did SPACE COMMAND interviews today on the Parallel Reflections podcast out of the UK and the Kick-in web show, plus finished and shipped the preface to my book GUILLERMO DEL TORO’S CABINET OF CURIOSITIES, which I’m doing with Guillermo del Toro and which will be published by Palace Press October 2013.

Meanwhile, Doug Drexler, Andy Probert & Iain McCaig are busy at work on simply spectacular SPACE COMMAND designs.  You’ll be seeing many of them very soon.

Tomorrow’s the Writers Guild panel I’m on and our weekly SPACE COMMAND staff meeting plus another media interview, Sunday an interview for the Hugo-winning Starship Sofa and my friend Tony C. Smith. Then Monday — best of all — my anniversary with Elaine!

Over the upcoming week I’ll be doing many interviews to spread the word (hoping to do THE TODAY SHOW, which I’ve been on before), reaching out to many of my well-known friends to bang the drum too, plus planning the panels, signings, countdown party and other great SPACE COMMAND surprises we’ll be having at San Diego Comic Con.

This just in — Doug Jones (Abe Sapien in Hellboy and Pan in Pan’s Labyrinth) hasconfirmed he’ll be able to be on our panel in San Diego!  And Iain’s busy at work designing phenomenal images of him as our SPACE COMMAND character Dor Neven.

And oh yes, the Free Gift we’re planning for you all is coming along nicely (and if you have friends who are waiting to pledge, advise them to do so now, as they’ll be eligible for this surprise too).  It will be ready in the next few days.

Beyond this, other rewards are in store and we’re making plans for the meeting with all of you next weekend.  If you’re in the L.A. area, you can stop by in person — and if not, watch live streaming from anywhere in the world!  We’ll announce details soon.

For now, check out our website ( and Facebook page (Space Command movie).  Lots of cool stuff on both.

Again, THANK YOU for all you bring to this project.  It’s getting better and better every day thanks to you.

Finally, if you’ve been wondering how I ended up the guy who could come up with SPACE COMMAND, I think this picture of me at 13 says it all…

All good thoughts your way,