Huffington Post, Iain, Katharine & I Talk Odara T’Lynn, Plus Incredibly Cool Images

Hi, guys,

Every day on SPACE COMMAND produces more amazing surprises!

First, on the Comic-Con front, Doug Jones (Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy) hasconfirmed he’ll be on our Friday night panel, 8:30-9:30, Room 5AB.

Plus I’m on other panels (check your schedule), we’re planning our Space Command Countdown Party (with live streaming), and we’ve scheduled two SPACE COMMAND signings there with myself, Doug Drexler and Iain McCaig and more of our team!

Beyond this, the Huffington Post just released this great article about us:

As did Mysterious Universe:

And the Priority One Podcast:

With more interviews scheduled every day – including three tomorrow!

Also check out this video we shot of me and Iain McCaig talking with actress Katharine McEwan about her SPACE COMMAND role as Odara T’Lynn, First Officer of the Paladin. It really shows why I so love to collaborate with great actors and designers.

Additionally, we’ve been getting SPECTACULAR artwork from Producer/Production Designer Doug Drexler and his team of Associate Producer Andy Probert and other phenomenal artists. If you haven’t been seeing it, please check out our FaceBook page

here’s a sample: Space Command headquarters…


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