Perks and Duties for Cadets

In the Space Cadet Program, there are both Perks and Duties.

As a Cadet, you are privy to:

  • Special Behind the Scenes Looks.
  • A Special In Depth Newsletter Just For Cadets.
  • Get special updates from creator Marc Scott Zicree on a weekly conference call!
  • Be a part of special contests, able to earn higher ranks, and more!

Your Duties As a Cadet are:

  • To Recommend Friends and Organizations To Join The Cadet Program.
  • Spread The Word Via Social Media Whenever You Receive an Update.
  • Be Ready to Respond to Calls to Action From Space Command Creator Marc Scott Zicree!
  • Updates On The Way!

2 thoughts on “Perks and Duties for Cadets

  1. May I suggest anouther location to promote Space Command? Second Life has a large fan base for science fiction! Star trek, Bab5, and many others where the avatars actually play members of show. It would a nice way for the cadets to promote your project by creating a small scale version of the show.

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