San Diego Comic-Con Outreach Program

Cadets! Attention!

Space Command has just released the Space Cadet’s first mission – the San Diego Comic-Con Outreach Program!

As always, your actions as a Space Cadet earn you credits toward rank advancement (more to come), special perks, and, for this Mission in particular, an entry into a daily contest!

Each day we will be raffling off a POSTER SIGNED BY SHOW CREATOR MARC SCOTT ZICREE!

Cadets! We don’t want to hear any belly-aching if you didn’t win a poster! Because whenever you earn an entry into the daily contest, you earn one toward our grand prize – a choice between a WALK ON ROLE IN SPACE COMMAND or A VISIT TO THE SET!

Instructions on how to complete this mission can be viewed in the mission objectives listed below!

Objective 1:

Your objective is to retweet all Space Command Tweets – especially ones with the hashtag #SDCC and #SCP.

By retweeting posts with the above hashtag and reporting your actions you will earn entries into our Cadet only contests!

It is imperative that you report your actions! As with any mission accurate information is key to success! If we don’t know what you did, we can’t give you credit for it!

Each entry into the daily raffle also earns you an entry for our GRAND PRIZE – A WALK ON ROLE IN SPACE COMMAND!

Each retweet also earns you 5 credits toward rank advancement. More information on rank advancement to come!

Don’t forget  to follow Space Command’s twitter so you can retweet and earn credits!

Objective 2:

Be ready for mission updates and future mission briefings!

As a cadet you are the vital to Space Command’s success.

And remember, the most important officer in Space Command is you!

*Travel Expenses Not Included


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